🔥Loser Coin (LOWB) now supports both BSC and Polygon chains🔥

Polygon network LOWB contract address: 0x1c0a798b5a5273a9e54028eb1524fd337b24145f

bridge contract address (Polygon and BSC contract addresses are the same)


The contract has all code open sourced and verified

Ploygon’s transaction fee is nearly as low as 0, making it the best choice for rewards, games, etc.

The initial liquidity trading pair LOWB-USDT has been provided at


Everyone is welcome to add more liquidity!

Bridge URL: https://loserbridge.org/ (move lowb between Polygon and BSC chains)

Price URL: https://polygon.poocoin.app/tokens/0x1c0a798b5a5273a9e54028eb1524fd337b24145f